Who does not like birds chirping in the morning and flying around the sky freely? Birds are a crucial part of our world and just an example of its beauty. However, there are times when dealing with them can be extremely frustrating because the moment you get close to them they would fly away, only to return to the same location when they see you go. For all those people out there who have their own residential solar systems, birds and other animals can definitely be prove to be problematic. Not only do they make their nests underneath the solar panels, but the stinky prize which they often leave can be too much to bare.

You can try fending off the birds, but if they have decided to make a nest underneath something, they will do so, and unless you take some extra measures, you cannot do anything about it. Which is why if you are feeling frustrated and do not know how to deal with the birds underneath your solar panels slowly chirping about your wiring, then in this article we will be talking about three reasons why you should get bird control for solar panels installed.

Avoiding Financial Loss

Solar panels can prove to be a big investment. And most of the times they come with a lifetime promise. However, no one can provide any guarantees for what the nature does to them. Which is why, if you want to avoid financial loss then it is crucial that at the time of installation you take the necessary precautions such as by getting bird nesting designed. Bird control for solar panels is a common concern by most people and usually a little bit of care can help them avoid a lot of hassle and save them from loss.


Most of the times when you get solar panels installed, there is not much to maintain except for keeping them clean. However, what can be infuriating is cleaning it multiple times a day because of how bad they smell due to birds leaving their waste underneath them. If a bird creates its nest underneath a solar panel then it is highly likely that they do not plan on going anywhere anytime soon. So if you do not want to spend majority of your time cleaning, then bird exclusion netting is essential.

Humane Solution

Regardless of what the circumstances are, one should never harm wild life until and unless they are a physical threat to you, which in this case, birds are not. Bird control for solar panels include methods such as bird netting and kits to provide you with the most humane solution.

These were the three of the many reasons why bird control is necessary for solar panels. So make sure you do not find yourself wasting money on maintenance, and get a reliable bird control system installed.