Factors Of A Good Occupational Health And Safety Program

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Any organisation that is set to function properly needs to have a sound plan in place to address issues of employee safety and other forms of concerns. Most countries have legislation in place dictating the minimum requirements. However even without them it is important for an organisation to create such a program so that they can be truly responsible for their employees’ wellbeing, safety and the reputation of the organisation. Let’s look at some of the most important aspects that must be made part of such a program.

The statement

This would basically include the core values of the organisation regarding safety and well being of their employees. A safety audit that’s carried out are usually done based on this statement as it denotes what the organisation stands for and is willing to carry out. The leadership of any organisation must make sure that they adhere to the standards set in this statement and make sure that standards are upheld at all costs. A reasonable policy statement need not be lengthy but it can cover areas such as key objectives of the plan, health and safety guidelines and actions and responsibilities on part of the employees and workers.

The statement should also be periodically reviewed may be based on industry standards or government regulations and should be kept up to date as much as possible. Each employee should know this standard policy and be well acquainted with it. The writing style of the statement should also be clear and made in very plain language so that each and every employee is able to understand it.

Specific requirements to be covered in the policy

Though each organisation and the industry it operates in will vary, some of the basic areas to be covered in OHS melbourne can be identified as follows;

  • Having a policy does not work alone by itself, each employee has the responsibility to act according to it, therefore this means they need to take proper safety precautions when carrying out their routine tasks.
  • Health and safety rules need to be clearly detailed.
  • Work related actions and how they are to perform them should also be stated clearly so all employees know what is expected of them.
  • Emergency action and the methods to follow should be detailed.
  • In an event an accident occurs what needs to be followed should also be detailed.

While creating these policies is the responsibility of the management, it is the obligation of each and every employee to carefully read the requirements and adhere to them. While the management needs to be making sure that the correct procedures are put in place, it is each and every employee’s responsibility to follow them.

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